Rethink Total Therapy, a leader in Behavioral Health software solutions, is proud to announce the release of Total ABA Mobile, the offline capabilities for customers to conveniently access the tools needed for Applied Behavioral Analysis Everywhere.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Rethink Total Therapy is the preferred Practice Management, Clinical, and Parent Portal software vendor of choice for over 6000 therapists and caregivers in the US. With the introduction of Rethink Total Therapy Mobile, delivering those services has now become more convenient and enables behavior analysts to serve those in remote locations more easily and efficiently.

“Our expert development team has done tremendous work in creating an application that will allow our customers the convenience of accessing the functionality of Total ABA offline and in remote areas that may not have reliable internet access” said Larry Morgan, CEO of Rethink Total Therapy. “With the release of Rethink Total Therapy Mobile, we are proud to have set a new standard for the functionality of offline capabilities in the behavioral health industry.”

Rethink Total Therapy Mobile enables customers to create appointments, conduct sessions, collect data, and track behaviors. The customer user interface captures all the critical session details and is very easy to use. With one click the sync feature automatically updates the customer records as soon as internet access is available.

This offline application can be downloaded from the app stores for both Apple and Android products.  Rethink Total Therapy mobile is immediately available to all customers.

Rethink Total TherapyEasy to Use & Flexible Therapy Practice Management Software
Since 2013, Total Therapy has been delivering the best software and support to enable therapists to be more productive and increase the quality of lives.

Our fully-integrated, robust system includes Scheduling, Data Collection and Reporting, Billing options and a Parent Portal. We continually strive to improve our offerings and keep up with the demands of the industry and our customers.