In light of recent events we have compiled a list of useful resources related to ABA Therapy services that will help you stay informed on industry protocols and government updates.


Total ABA Software offers various ways of keeping communication with staff and clients easy and efficient. Whether you need to announce closures, protocols or updates or even share lessons remotely when necessary. Visit our parent portal page to learn more and schedule a demo with us to see how it works!

Want to use Zoom for HIPAA compliant Telehealth:

I work on the Zoom healthcare team and can certainly assist you. Due to the significant influx of contact requests during this time we are are trying to prioritize requests by urgency. Please keep in mind our response times may be delayed and we sincerely thank you for your patience.

If you can, please review our Support Page for answers to any technical or account questions.

If this is an urgent need to implement telemedicine, please refer to the FAQ below:

Is Zoom HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! We will sign a BAA with your organization if you have a Business Plan subscription. You can read more about the changes that will occur to the platform once HIPAA security settings are enabled HERE.

How do we receive the BAA?

Zoom requires a minimum level of engagement to deliver a BAA. This is our Business Plan (minimum of 10 licenses), which may be purchased online HERE.

How do we get started?

Once you’ve purchased the Business Plan, please forward me the confirmation email and we will send you the BAA via DocuSign. Once completed, we will apply HIPAA security settings to your account and provide you further on-boarding instructions.

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